16 Reasons to Settle in Malaysia

There are many reasons why relocating to Malaysia or buying a second home here makes sense. The following list is in no particular order but includes some of the top reasons why people choose to make Malaysia their second home, and are sure to tempt you into following so many others to this wonderful tropical paradise!

1. The People and the Language
The Malaysian people are warm and friendly, and most speak English, so there is no need to cut yourself off in an Expat enclave. You will have no problem making new friends and they will be more than happy to help you out with some of the cultural ‘know-how’ as well as offering you some valuable local knowledge.

2. The Weather
Malaysia is hot, but not the hottest of countries, and since most homes, cars and shopping areas are air-conditioned it is easy to escape the worst of it. For those who like the weather, temperatures vary between 20 and 30 degrees and it is humid and sunny most days, though often with thunder storms.

3. The Cost of Living
If you are on a pension from a developed country, you’ll find Malaysia offers a better standard of living than your own country thanks to the low costs of amenities, food and property.

4. Economic and Political Stability
Malaysia has experienced many years of economic and political stability, and despite the current global economic conditions, Malaysia is not expected to experience a downturn.

5. Infrastructure
The country has good infrastructure which is continuously being improved. There is a world-class airport, a modern capital city and excellent road networks linking all the major cities and towns. Malaysia also has a strong commitment to becoming a leading IT hub for the region.

6. The Food
The food is one of the highlights of the experience for a lot of visitors to the country, and there is a wealth of choice thanks to the cultural mixture of locals – Malay, Chinese and Indian – as well as the influx of expats bringing food from around the world. Anything you like to eat you will be able to find in Malaysia.

7. Shopping
From low-priced products in open markets to designer labels in boutiques, Malaysia has it all. There has been a huge increase in shopping malls throughout the country, particularly in the capital, and any residential area is sure to have a mall nearby. Newer supermarkets also import a lot of foreign food products so you may find you can even buy familiar foods from home.

8. The Natural Beauty
Malaysia is one of the lowest populated countries in Asia, with plenty of unspoilt countryside to explore: jungle, hill-stations, tropical islands or even just pristine beaches for relaxing weekends.

9. Sports
There are many sporting activities for both players and spectators, including Formula 1, motorbike racing, cycling, power boat racing, horse jumping and golf. Malaysia attracts a number of international sporting events including the Grand Prix, and for active sportspeople there are golf courses, tennis and squash courts as well as cricket, rugby and football teams to join.

10. Entertainment
Modern movie theatres, bars and clubs can be found in all major cities, while satellite TV is available nationwide. A number of big artists have recently performed concerts in the capital, and Malaysia also has a blossoming theatre scene. Newspapers and magazines are sold at newsstands, with many foreign titles being available at bookshops.

11. Telecommunications
The country offers a wide choice of mobile phone providers and high-speed internet connections are available in most parts of the country.

12. Safety and Health
Malaysia’s crime rate is lower than most Western countries while health services are efficient and private hospitals offer world class treatment at a substantially lower cost than many other countries.

13. The Location
For those who wish to discover Asia, there are direct non-stop flights to every Asian capital city, and with low-cost carriers offering cheap fares throughout the country and the region, Malaysia is a great base to explore further afield.

14. Education
The country offers excellent international schools, colleges and universities to cater for all ages and subjects. All international schools offer either American, British or Australian curricula, and are numerous enough that there is sure to be school close to your new home.

15. Seeing Friends and Relatives
The reasons that encourage people to move to Malaysia also help persuade their loved ones to visit! Malaysia’s low-cost of living also extends to air fares, so it is not too expensive to fly home.

16. Property ownership
Foreigners can buy any number of residential homes, even freehold, over RM500,000. It is possible to obtain a loan locally and some companies can offer short-term rentals and care for your home while you are away.

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