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MM2H Application Procedures

Applicants have the option of using an approved MM2H agent or submitting their application directly. Doing it yourself is best for those who easily meet the requirements and do not mind finding their way around the various government departments. A common complaint is the frequent rule changes, often unannounced which can make it harder for those making their own applications. Using an agent will make the process a lot easier and avoid the need to place a cash security bond (the agent will sponsor you) but of course involves paying the agent their fee.

Requirements To Qualify

DO YOU QUALIFY? THE BASIC FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS. The following is the required monthly income; required liquid assets (cash in the bank) when applying and the Fixed Deposit to be made after approval. If any dependents are applying with the main applicant, then the Fixed deposit must be increased by RM50,000 per dependent. You can withdraw …

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Long Delays in Approvals

It used to take about 90 days to have the MM2H application reviewed and approved – or rejected. However starting in 2018, a backlog began building, and by early 2019, there were apparently some 4,000 applications waiting to be processed. This understandably led to a lot of frustration, felt by both applicants and agents alike. …

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Whisky Tasting

Each year we organise a large-scale whisky tasting event in Kuala Lumpur called WhiskyPLUS. We arrange for many brands of whisky and a few other liquors to be available for unlimited tasting, giving aficionados an uncommon opportunity to try a wide range of whiskies and meet the people behind many brands. At this year’s event, …

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