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Welcome to our website.

I have spent most of my life as an expat and lived in various countries before settling in Malaysia. I have no regrets.

Our website is filled with information about the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme but if you have other questions feel free to use our Help Desk. If you need an agent we are happy to help you apply for the visa.

About Us – Our group of companies, TEG Media, has been helping expats since 1996 when we launched our first publication, The Expat, providing information about Malaysia and surrounding counties,. Since then we have expanded into digital media and organise events for expats and Malaysians. 

About me – I came out to Asia in 1970 working for American Express and subsequently took assignments in various part of the world. I ended my career with them in 1996 and started my own business (TEG Media) in Malaysia. You can find out more about TEG media here

Need a visa – consider us. We started helping people apply for an MM2H visa in 2005 and over the years have developed a very good relationship with the authorities. As long as you are eligible you can rest assured we will get you the visa. Our success rate is 99%. Here are six reasons why you should consider using our agency. 

We send out a periodic e-newsletter about the MM2H programme so if you want to stay up to date you can sign up here – it’s free.

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Andy Davison

CEO, TEG Media (formerly The Expat Group)

SPECIAL NOTE. You may have heard about the arrears that arose processing new applications for the MM2H visa. These are now being slowly cleared but there are still some long delays so you should allow for this when applying. We will advise when the arrears are cleared. Once they are cleared, normal processing time should be 4 months.

Six Reasons To Choose Us As Your Agent

We have been helping people apply for the visa for over 15 years. We would be happy to help you apply for a visa. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose us.

1 . Our other businesses primarily focus on the expat community through websites, publications and events so we have a better understanding of your needs.

2. Our owner, Andy Davison, is a long term expat, over 25 years in Malaysia and was given unsolicited Permanent Residency by the government in 2010. He has a good understanding of some of the issues facing applicants.

3. We advise you if you are eligible at no charge and we have obtained approval for 98% of our clients.  

4. The government has requested our input into the MM2H programme giving us a very strong understanding of what’s required to get you approved. We can assure you we are up to date with all the latest changes.

5. We do not pretend to be the cheapest agent in town but we are far from the most expensive and as you will know you often ‘get what you paid for’.

6. Our magazine The Expat (launched in 1996) is the longest running magazine for resident expats. If you move here we will give you a FREE one year subscription and a FREE copy of our Expat Welcome Guide (over 100 pages of information about living here)

What MM2Hers Say

A survey conducted by TEG Media in 2019 revealed that there is a high level of satisfaction among those people who have moved to Malaysia under the MM2H programme.

The majority of people approved for an MM2H visa do not actually relocate to Malaysia. There are various reasons people join the programme which does not always include relocating here. Some apply because their country is only eligible for short stay visas, others come from countries which are unstable and they want the comfort of having another country to move to, if the need arises. Yet others simply apply so their children can attend the schools here.

It is not known how many of the 45,000 applications, which have been approved to date, have resulted in people relocating here, but it is thought it is somewhere between 10% and 20%

The survey TEG Media conducted in 2019 was among those that live here all, or most, of the time. People from 31 countries responded to the survey and it provides a useful insight into their activities and their feelings about Malaysia and the MM2H programme.

Clients of our MM2H agency (Borneo Vision (MM2H) Sdn Bhd) can receive a free copy of the survey. If you would like to read the survey now, then you can pay here (US$25) and the full amount will be deducted when you become a client.

MM2H Requirements

Do You Qualify? The Basic Financial Requirements.

Required monthly income; required liquid assets (cash in bank) and the Fixed Deposit to be made after approval

Interviews With MM2Hers

Dean and Simonetta Smith who are happily settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, under the MM2H programme. Dean, who hails from the UK and Simonetta, who is of Italian-Mexican descent, chose Malaysia as their home-away-from-home because of the low cost of living and warm, tropical climate...
To us he is Mr Green but that’s not actually his real name. It would’ve been cooler if it was. Matthias Gelber is saving the planet one tree at a time. Having recently won the award for the Greenest Person on the Planet, the 41-year-old German has been making headlines all across the country. Matthias came in ahead of the 600 other...
We joined MM2H, so we could stay as long we liked with the five-year visa [now it is a 10 year visa] the people in Sabah are so nice and friendly. They are helpful and tolerant, being multi-racial and mulit-religious, which certainly impresses us. Security is reasonably good, reasonable quality of healthcare and, of course, with many varieties of gorgeous food!

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Our MM2H agency is part of a niche media company called TEG Media. This company has expanded over the years into a leading media company providing information about Malaysia to the international community and like-minded Malaysians.

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