GrabCar Introduces Cashless Payment Method

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According to the Time Magazine survey (2012), 84% of the respondents worldwide cannot live without their phones. And here’s another reason why you cannot leave without your phone.

GrabCar, the app-based car with driver service powered by the MyTeksi mobile app, is making it even more convenient for you to use their service. Just open your MyTeksi mobile app and register either your credit or debit card as an option of payment. It’s that easy.

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“The concept of GrabCar has always been to provide safe and convenient mode of transport with the certainty of a fixed fare. Therefore, we are providing this new payment method to enhance the convenience for customers who are considering other forms of payment for their ride,” said a GrabCar spokesperson.

While 60% of Malaysians still prefer paying by cash, according to a 2014 Nielsen study, the dual payment method gives GrabCar customers the added advantage of having the best of both worlds.

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The cashless payment method comes on top of a fixed fare that is now cheaper than ever. With the exception of tolls, you only pay exactly what you see even before committing to a booking.

For example, GrabCar implements a fixed fare of RM17 if you are travelling from Ampang to the MidValley area, however, other transportation services are priced at an average of RM19, with a possibility of a surge price.

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Try it out for yourself, register your debit or credit card with MyTeksi and book GrabCar now. In fact, in conjunction with the introduction of the new payment method, users that register their debit or credit card will automatically receive an exclusive promotional discount on their ride, available for a selected time only.

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