Malaysia is the Third Best Country to Retire In

Malaysia is the third best country to retire in, according to a survey by International Living. The monthly newsletter, which covers topics on retiring overseas and living abroad, says that Malaysia is the top three country to retire in for this year.

The survey was conducted by interviewing expats from 22 nations on real estate, cost of living, integration, health, climate and special benefits.

A list of questions by International Living was posted on its website last month, and received responses from respondents living abroad on living and integrating in a foreign country.

One expat, Keith Hockton, says that Malaysia is his new home. “It has everything. Its weather is a tropical 82o Fahrenheit all year round and its beaches, islands and jungles are pristine.

It has some of the region’s best street food, great restaurants, bars, shopping malls and movie theatres, which are all affordable,” says the 35-year old.

According to Hockton, Malaysia is an easy place to make friends because English is widely spoken here. He said there are many expats who relocated here and there are many organisations to help you settle in when you first move here.

“This country has everything I need,” says Go Communications Commercial Director, Bill Cooper. According to Bill, Malaysia should have topped the list!

“This country has everything I need. The people are lovely and food just wonderful,” he told the New Straits Times. Bill, who is the former sales director at The Expat Group, says he has never looked back to his home country after living in Malaysia for almost five years now.

Ecuador and Panama came in first and second respectively, while Mexico and Costa Rica were ranked fourth and fifth. The sixth spot belongs to Uruguay, the seventh to Colombia, the eight to Spain, the ninth to Thailand and the tenth spot belongs to Malta.

Countries that did not make it to the top 10 are; Portugal, Nicaragua, Ireland, France, the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Belize and the Dominican Republic.