Malaysia Ranked Among Top 30 Destinations for Expats

Congratulations, Malaysia, for being ranked 17th out of 187 countries as one of the top expat destinations of 2018! Every year, expat networking site, InterNations carries out the Expat Insider Survey to gauge how expats feel about living in different countries around the world. Expat Insider is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive surveys on life abroad, and this year, they managed to reach a new record high of 18,135 respondents to the survey.


A new category has been added to this year’s survey – digital life, as the significance of digital importance in daily life is becoming more apparent. The topic marks countries on different aspects of digital life, such as high-speed interned availability or unrestricted access to online services.


Here’s how Malaysia ranked in each of the categories above:

  • Language: #2
  • Where it’s easy to communicate with estate agents/landlords: #2
  • Ease of Settling in: #6
  • Cost of Living: #9
  • Availability of Childcare and Education: #14
  • Feeling at Home: #15
  • Personal Happiness: #19
  • Finding Friends: #19
  • Personal Finance: #19
  • Career Prospects and Satisfaction: #21
  • Travel and Transport: #22
  • Friendliness: #23
  • Leisure Options: #25
  • Costs of Childcare and Education: #25
  • Family Life: #28
  • Working Abroad: #30
  • Quality of Life: #31
  • Family Well-being: #31
  • Health and Well-being: #33
  • Digital Life: #34
  • Quality of Education: #34
  • Work and Leisure: #35
  • Economy and Job Security: #37
  • Safety and Security: #43

What do you think about living in Malaysia as an expat? We’d like to hear from you!