Malaysian Healthcare for Expats

If you’re confused about where to get proper healthcare in Malaysia, and aren’t quite sure how to go about it, read on for some helpful information regarding the healthcare system here and what you can expect.

Malaysia is known for having one of the most inexpensive, top-quality healthcare services around the world. While there are both public and private facilities available to expats, many choose to go private. Rest assured, there is easy access to well-trained professionals, services, specialists and treatments when it comes to healthcare here.


1. Affordable Treatments

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Malaysia’s exchange rates and the fact that the cost of healthcare services is at an appreciably lower rate than that of many other countries will be a pleasant surprises. If you’re coming from a Western country such as the US or UK, your medical procedures in Malaysia will generally cost a fraction of the price that you would pay at home.


2. Modern Facilities

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Extensive investments have been made to ensure that all medical centres are equipped with modern facilities and the internationally accredited hospitals of Malaysia are capable of handling the latest techniques and procedures. The facilities available are on par with international standards and the staff are in touch with the latest advancements and treatments found in the medical world.


3. World-Class Doctors

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Many of the country’s top specialists have studied abroad, some in the top medical schools of the world, and many of them have spent a number of years working in various hospitals worldwide. These doctors are highly experienced and have been involved with ground-breaking research and gained many international accolades during their careers.


4. Short Waiting Time

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Due to the fact that many of the hospitals in Malaysia are equipped with top-ofthe- range facilities, patients experience much shorter waiting times. Examinations and follow-up tests are done promptly, smoothing the process that can often be tedious and frustrating in other parts of the world. Patient registration is organised and efficient, and those booking treatments in advance are ensured of being seen exactly at the moment they wish.


5. Ease of Language

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Nothing can be worse (and potentially dangerous) than receiving medical treatment by someone who cannot communicate with you, but in Malaysia, English is widely spoken and people are happy to help. Staff in hospitals generally have a good command of English, while doctors’ spoken English is often fluent. Many staff members are also capable of speaking a wide variety of other languages to ensure ease of communication.


6. Accommodation Choices


Whatever your budget and tastes, Malaysia has accommodation to suit you. If you need to stay near the hospital and can’t commute from home, you can choose from budget hostels right up to some of the most luxurious five-star hotels imaginable. Furthermore, hospitals offer superb accommodation for hospitalised patients. If the stay proves long or the you’ll be hosting family and friends, visitors can opt to rent a serviced apartment.


7. Pampering Paradise


If you’re in need of some R&R after treatment or surgery, there can be few better places in the world for some rejuvenation than Malaysia, where the choice of spas, aesthetic and wellness services is extensive and surprisingly affordable. Many of the big hotels and resorts have spas within them, and independent spas and beauty centres offering a range of luxurious services can be found all over the country.


8. Convenience

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Healthcare options are plentiful in Malaysia, with the added convenience of walk-in clinics which greatly reduces waiting time and hassle. The clinics also provide referrals to bigger hospitals if need be, as well as can dispense medication from the clinic itself, saving you a trip to the pharmacy. If you do have to go to the hospital, there are many to choose from, allowing you to make your decision based on specialist care, location, insurance coverage and so forth.


9. Emergencies

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Private ambulance services are efficient, quick, and available round-the-clock, though one certainly wonders about timeliness during peak traffic times! The number to call in case of emergency in Malaysia is 999. (112 can also be used from a mobile phone.)

Source: The Expat Magazine April 2015