MM2H E-Newsletter

The MM2H E-newsletter provides information about the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, rules and regulation updates, and relevant articles about Malaysia.

The following is a representative selection of responses when we announced we would be charging for the e newsletter:

I think it is absolutely correct to collect some money for the work you have performed to promote Malaysia and especially to inform us since MM2H was suspended in March last year (Ulirich S)

Thank you for all your work with newsletters about MM2H, always relevant and interesting. (Alice J)

We very much appreciate your clear and sharp analysis of the gov’s … MM2H decisions. (Ronald van D)

I certainly like to subscribe to the newsletter…….It is very useful for me and expats who live in Malaysia .I’m thankful that you make a very useful effort for us. (Ivonne T)

We charge RM100 for the newsletter to cover our costs and also so we can make effort to represent the interests of the MM2H community. The e-newsletter is e-mailed roughly once a month. The new programme has much more stringent conditions and we are appealing for these to be relaxed. We will keep people informed about any changes to the new rules and of course announcement which impact existing participants.