MM2H Survey Shows Visa Holders are Happy

A survey conducted by TEG Media, the leading company providing information to the international community in Malaysia, revealed that there was a high level of satisfaction among those people who had moved to Malaysia under the MM2H programme.

It should be understood that the majority of people approved for an MM2H visa actually do not relocate to Malaysia. Some apply because their country only receives visas for short stays and the MM2H visa gives them more freedom to come and go. Some come from countries which are considered unstable and they want the comfort of knowing they can flee to Malaysia if things get bad in their own country. Others come here to get their children educated, usually with just one parent accompanying them during term time. Many Japanese who have the visa come for a stay of three months a year, but prefer to keep their full-time home in Japan. Only a minority of successful applicants make the move to Malaysia on a permanent basis.

If you wish to read the full survey results, please check out the full report here.

See our infographic of the research results here