Malaysia has plenty to offer sports enthusiasts whether you like to watch or participate. If you prefer being a spectator then satellite TV shows many major sporting events live and has several dedicated sports channels. Many bars and even restaurants have large screen TVs for people who like company and some excitement when they watch big events.

Malaysia also hosts various major international sporting events including Formula 1 racing, power boat racing, horse jumping, squash, motor bike racing, yachting and world cup golf. There are also plenty of regional sporting events. For those who like to participate, particularly golfers, Malaysia has a lot to offer. There are many golf courses scattered across the country some offering fairly exclusive memberships and others open to anyone. The green fees tend to be much lower than other countries.

There are also many country clubs, in and around major cities which offer a wide range of activities. The waiting time to join can vary considerably but most will offer temporary membership to allow newcomers to visit, People who enjoy playing tennis, squash or badminton will find little problem finding a place to play and a group to join. Malaysia has some of the best squash and badminton players in the world. They are also accomplished hockey players.

If you being on the water then sailing is growing in popularity and the government allows boats to be imported free of any duty and mooring charges are very reasonable. More and more marinas are being built around the country. For divers Malaysia offers some of the best dive spots in the world and tourists regular visit for the superb diving off the coast of Sabah including Sipaden and Layang Layng islands.

Malaysian are great football fans and eagerly follow their own local and teams. Many also avidly follow the UK teams. Their own players have not performed that well internationally but that has not diminished their enthusiasm fort he sport. If you enjoy going for a walk then several large scale walking events are organized each year to support various charities. If you want to run or walk on your own there are plenty of places to do this safely including jungle trekking. For those who enjoy you to combine their exercise with a few drinks and a crowd of like minded people then join your local chapter of the Hash House harriers. The Hash started in Malaysia and now has chapters all over the world. You can find more information at

Malaysia also some traditional sports which are entertaining to watch. Sepak Takraw is a game like volleyball but players use their heads, knees and feet to kick a rattan ball over the net. Kite flying is also popular and they can be very beautiful. Top spinning using tops made out of hardwood and delicately balanced lead is another.

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