MM2H Application Procedures

Should I use an agent?

Applicants have the option of using an approved MM2H agent or submitting their application directly. Doing it yourself is an option for those who easily meet the requirements and do not mind finding their way around the various government departments. Using an agent will make the process easier but of course involves paying the agent their fee.

Most agents are approved by the Ministry of Tourism. These can be identified by the initials (MM2H) in their company name.

We are an approved MM2H agent and can assist with your application.

How Long Does It Takes?

The official time frame for approval (or decline) is 120 days after submission. The programme used to be administered by Tourism Malaysia together with the immigration department but now it is run by immigration.. This should make approvals faster.

Application Procedure

Applications can be submitted while the applicant is in Malaysia or from overseas. Once the submissions are reviewed and approved, they will issue a letter of ‘Conditional Approval’. At this time the applicant has six months to complete the remaining conditions (obtain medical insurance, complete the medical examination and open the fixed deposit) and collect the visa.

Submission Documents:

We will provide you with details of the exact documents once you use our services. Apart from showing proof that you meet the basic conditions, you will have to pass a medical check-up and show you have a clean police record (LOGC – letter of good conduct).

There is a need for the main applicant to place a security deposit which is between RM500 and RM2000.

Note: Applicants who sign up with our approved MM2H agency (Borneo Vision Sdn Bhd) will receive a full set of forms and help completing them all, including samples where appropriate

If you have other questions about MM2H or would like us to be your agent, please contact us through our free Help Desk.

Our company Borneo Vision (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is an approved agent for the programme. We can submit your application without you being here. You only need to come to Malaysia when it is approved. Check out Six reasons to use us as your agent”.

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