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Introduction to our MM2H Agency – Borneo Vision (MM2H) Sdn Bhd

We have advised and assisted foreigners with the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme since 2005. In addition to our MM2H visa agency, we reach resident expats through our monthly magazine The Expat (free subscription for all expats living in Malaysia) and our website www.ExpatGo.com

Our agency is owned by an Englishman Andy Davison who is also Founder and CEO of TEG Media (www.tegmedia.my), a media-communications company based in Malaysia. After 25 years of travelling around the world with a major multinational, he chose to settle in Malaysia and is happy to recommend it to others.

Our agency has a very high success rate (over 99%) in obtaining visas for our clients. We provide full support throughout the whole process. We help you prepare the various documents in a manner which maximises your chances of getting approval. We obtain certified true copies of documents and can act as your sponsor. We assist with completion of the various conditions set out in the letter of conditional approval – opening a fixed deposit, arranging a medical examination and assisting with local medical insurance. We arrange to collect your visa when it is approved).

As a full service client we will also provide assistance with any other matters relating to your move to Malaysia and offer discounts on our other services if required – acquiring a local driver’s license, renewing your visa etc.

If you have any questions for us or you’re interested to learn more about our agency, contact us here.

Our Services & Benefits

The agency offers the following benefits:


Advising on application requirements.


Assist with preparation of submission, meeting the programme  ‘conditions’, other requirements related to move.


Making certified true copies as required.


Arranging for translations (if required).


Acting as the official sponsor.


Submitting the application.


Checking progress of approval.


Making an appeal if necessary.


Drive client to immigration.

Visa Transfer

Transfer visa to a new passport for small fee.


Discounts on future MM2H services.


Free subscription to The Expat magazine, a monthly publication all about Malaysia and the region.

Contact Details

If interested in applying or enquiring for more details, please contact us here