Requirements To Qualify


The following is the required monthly income; required liquid assets (cash in the bank) when applying and the Fixed Deposit to be made after approval.

If any dependents are applying with the main applicant, then the Fixed deposit must be increased by RM50,000 per dependent. You can withdraw up to RM500,000 from your fixed deposit account after one year if you have paid, for a house, car, medical expenses or education in Malaysia.,


Applicants must show they receive an average monthly income equivalent to RM40,000 a month. If it is salary or pension, then 3 months income has to be shown. If it comes from dividends or other investment, then a longer period is required and it can be averaged out to show the effective monthly income. Rental income is also acceptable although they will check the period of the tenancy agreement. They need to see deposits into a bank account and the source documents – pay slips, lease agreement etc

Liquid Assets

The government wants to see that applicants have liquid assets. This has to be cash in the bank or investment that can easily be turned into cash. As shown in the above chart, the requirement is to show that you have RM1,500,000 in liquid assets which can be used to make the fixed deposit if you are approved.

Fixed Deposit Rules

All applicants have to make a Fixed Deposit of RM1,000,000. An additional fixed deposit of RM50,000 has to be made for each dependent. This has to be made into any bank in Malaysia and the funds will be blocked until the authorities approve for it to be fully or partially withdrawn. You can receive interest on the funds.


It should be noted that the rules shown on this website are for West Malaysia and Sabah only. The rules and requirements for Sarawak are different as those two states are allowed some autonomy in immigration matters. Sabah’s program is very close to the federal rules, but Sarawak currently offers a more accessible option. (See here)


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