Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H)

The Sarawak MM2H programme has attracted a lot of attention following the very stringent rules under the new national programme. Sabah and Sarawak control their own immigration. Sabah has so far chosen to follow the national MM2H programme, but Sarawak has created its own version which is a lot more friendly to foreigners wishing to live in Malaysia.

Currently, people with the Sarawak visa can live in west Malaysia, Some people expected this to change, given the very different conditions imposed on the revised national programme, but this has not happened so it may never happen. However, it seems Sarawak is aware many people apply for their visa but choose to live in West Malaysia which means there is little benefit for their state. They have therefore modified the terms effective September 2022

Below are the current details of the Sarawak programme:

The visa is for ten years split into five years then renewed for another five years.

Applicants should be 50 or older and meet the following financial conditions (younger applicants who meet certain additional conditions (see below) can also apply.   Receive an income of over RM7000 a month from a salary, pension or rental income. (RM10,000 for a couple)


Place a fixed deposit in a local bank of RM150,000 (RM300,000) for a couple.

For those aged 40 to 49 it is possible to apply for the visa if they meet the above conditions and also buy a house in Kuching or elsewhere in the state. The stated minimum purchase price to qualify is RM600,000. They can also apply if they have children enrolled in school in Sarawak (must be seven or older to do this).

People 30 to 39 can apply if they meet the financial conditions and have children enrolled in school in Sarawak (must be seven or older to do this) or if they are undergoing long-term medical care in the state.

If you are interested in applying, we can put you in touch with our partner in Sarawak who has a good track record.

Other Notes

Withdrawal of fixed deposit.
Participants can withdraw up to 40% of the fixed deposit after two years for the purpose of buying a car, house, education and medical expenses. The balance must remain on deposit until they exit the programme.

It is possible to work in Sarawak if you have a MM2H visa, although this has to be approved. The exact terms and process for approval have not been clarified. It seems to be open to people with established professional credentials and those who wish to invest in the state.

All applicants have to have a sponsor who comes from and currently lives in Sarawak, or they can be sponsored by an approved agent for the programme. Agents have to be registered in Sarawak and we have partnered with a local Kuching agent who can assist if requested.

All applicants have to submit a bond. The amount depends on their nationality but runs between RM200 and RM2,500.

Visa Fees
The immigration fee for each visa issued is RM500 a year.

Minimum Stay
There is a requirement that you spend a minimum of 30 days a year in Sarawak.