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Living Costs

Living in Malaysia is far cheaper than most Western countries and some other Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The cost of housing, communications, transport (including taxis), local food, holiday accommodation, airfares, clothing, medical expenses, entertainment and recreation are all very reasonable. Cars, alcohol and imported foods are generally more expensive than …

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The National Language is Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) but English is widely spoken, being a compulsory subject in schools and the main Primary 6, Lower Secondary and the local version of `O’ Level examinations. Other major languages used are Chinese and Tamil. The government has also been encouraging the frontliners of hotels and tourism-related business people …

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Malaysia’s recorded history dates back to the first century BC. Located strategically at the crossroads between the East and West, Peninsular Malaysia had attracted early travellers from different parts of the world. Evidence of ancient civilisations such as tomb stones can be found in Bujang Valley and Merbok Valley in the state of Kedah, as …

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