Customs – Importing Personal Belongings Into Malaysia

Application Procedure For Bringing In Personal Belongings

1. The importer is the owner of the household effects and personal effects.

2. Household effects:-
a) The goods have been used for a period of not less than 3 months.
b) The goods will not be disposed of within 3 months after date of importation into Malaysia.
c) Household effects referred to the following items or goods belonging to the owner:-
• crockery and cutlery
• furniture
• beddings / curtains
• pictures / wall paintings
• electrical kitchens and garden appliances such as kettle, lawn mover, TV, radio / DVD

3. Importer must declare Customs Form No. 1 (K1) according to the following tariff codes:
a) 9800.00 400 Used Personal Effects
b) 9800.00 500 Used Household Effects

4. Please note that certain items require a permit/license before it can be imported into Malaysia.
Please refer Customs’ website: for detailed information on restricted importation of items/goods.
Example: Importations of electrical appliances require a license from the Department of Electrical Safety at the following address:

Director Department of Electrical Safety
Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission)
10th Floor, Menara TH Perdana1001,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel : 03-2612 5400/416/404
Fax : 03-2691 5584

Items not categorised under Household effects
• Motorbike
• Car
• Powerboat
• Yatch
• Motorhome / Caravan


Prohibited goods are goods which are prohibited from being imported into Malaysia. Please refer complete list at Customs website at


Restricted goods are goods which can be imported into Malaysia upon obtaining the required license / import permit from the related government agencies. Please refer to the Customs website at

Prepared by
Royal Malaysian Customs

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