MM2H Application Procedures

Complete the Application by yourself or with an agent?
Applicants have the option of using an approved MM2H agent or submitting their application directly. Doing it yourself is best for those who easily meet the requirements and do not mind finding their way ar樂威壯
ound the various government departments. A common complaint is the frequent rule changes, which can make it harder for those making their own applications. Using an agent will make the process a lot easier and avoid the need to place a cash security bond (the agent will sponsor you) but of course involves paying the agent their fee.

All agents have to be approved by the Ministry of Tourism. These can be identified by the initials (MM2H) in their company name. We are an approved MM2H agent and can assist with your application. Our fees are fixed below the guidelines set by the Ministry.

How Long Does It Takes?
The official time frame for approval (or decline) is 90 days after submission. However the MM2H department is currently facing a serious backlog and it is taking much longer. At the end of last year (2018) the government decided to transfer approval authority to the Ministry of Home Affairs which is responsible for national security. This appears to be because they wish to tighten the security check on new applicants. Unfortunately the Ministry Of Home Affairs will not provide us with an estimate of the time they will take to approve applications. Making an educated guess we advise assuming it will take six months from submission to approval but until we have some history this remain a guess.

The MM2H Application
Applications can be submitted while the applicant is in Malaysia or from overseas. Once the committee reviews the documents and approves the application, they will issue a letter of ‘Conditional Approval’. At this time the applicant has six months to complete the remaining conditions (obtain medical insurance, complete the medical examination and open the fixed deposit) and collect the visa.

Original submission:
The following sets out the main requirements for the MM2H visa.

  • Age 35 and above;
  • Passport must be valid for the next 24 months;
  • Certified true copy of Marriage Certificate (if applying with spouse);
  • Certified true copy of Birth Children’s birth certificate (if applying with children);
  • Resume – outlining employment history of primary applicant and current employment
  • Job and Salary Verification Letter from the employer;
  • Evidence of Liquid Assets – You need to show Offshore Liquid Assets of RM1.5 million to be shown in a form of most recent 3 month bank statement.
  • Evidence of regular monthly income. The minimum net offshore income of RM40,000 per month has to be shown with most recent 3 month’s pay slips and where the income is credited to;
  • Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) by a government agency where you currently live (if you have lived there several years) or your home country (usually Police Department). The original has to be submitted. All applicants above 18 years old have to have LOGC;
  • Medical Report of all applicants

Note: Upon Approval, Applicant needs to open a Fixed Deposit account of RM1.0 million with any Bank in Malaysia for Main Applicant and additional RM50K for each dependent.

Visa collection:
After receiving the letter of conditional approval the following documents must be submitted when collecting the visa:
* Evidence of placing the Fixed Deposit – if applying under this criteria
* Copy of Malaysian medical insurance or international health insurance; the health insurance must be valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date of endorsement or it should state it is auto-renewable.
* Medical check up form (RB11), completed by any local clinic or hospital in Malaysia
* Letter of Good Conduct from country of origin or the country where the applicant is currently residing. The letter of good conduct cannot be older than 6 months from the time of submission or endorsement of visa. (Usually for certain countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, the letter of good conduct will be issued after the MM2H visa approval)


If you come from a country which is eligible for an e-visa you should not use this method of entering Malaysia when you come to pick up the MM2H visa. The immigration department requires you to enter on a normal tourist visa or they will not issue the visa. We are appealing this decision but currently they will ask you to return to your country and reenter Malaysia with a tourist visa.


1) The covering letter of application should state the names of all people who are applying with you, how you will support yourself in Malaysia and which financial criteria you wish to use.

2) Once the application is approved you will be issued a conditional approval letter which can be presented to any bank in Malaysia to open an account.

3) Where certified true copies of documents are requested, they must be countersigned by the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission in your home country or the country that you are currently residing in, or by a lawyer in Malaysia.

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All applications for people who want to live in West (Peninsular) Malaysia are submitted to the Second Home Centre in the Ministry of Tourism which has information about the programme. Applications to live in Sabah or Sarawak have to be submitted to the respective State Immigration Office. We can assist with application for Peninsular Malaysia and if you need to find an agent in Sabah we can help you with that as well. If you wish to live in Sarawak you will have to contact the authorities in that state, as they do not permit agents to assist with submissions of applications.


Currently, approval takes around 90 days for the documents to be proccessed and approved from the submission date. Sometimes there is a delay on the approval timeframe and usually that is due to the bank verification or due to MM2H centre internal reasons.

Application For Extension after 10 years:

The following documents must be submitted when applying for the visa to be renewed:
* Letter explaining why you wish to renew the visa
* Photocopy of passport (certified true copy of every page)
* Current proof of 3 months offshore income RM 10,000 and above
* Form IMM.55 (one copy per person)
* Evidence your Fixed Deposit is still in place if any – the FD confirmation letter and receipt will be required from the Bank
* Completed RB11 medical checkup form
* Copy of the health insurance policy and medical card if any. The health insurance policy must be valid for a minimum 1 year from the time of application.
* Payment of RM90 per year for the visa

If you have any questions about MM2H or would like us to be your agent, please contact us through our free help desk.

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