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Welcome Note

My name is Andy Davison. As an Englishman who chose to come and settle in Malaysia after over 25 years travelling around the world with a major multinational corporation I have no hesitation in recommending it as a place to live.

I have started this website to offer information about the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme. It was launched a few years ago by the Malaysian government and offers a renewable, ten-year, multiple entry visa for qualified applicants who would like to come and live here or spend extended periods in the country.

The MM2H programme is one of the most attractive long term stay visa programmes we have come across in Asia and there are many reasons why Malaysia is an excellent choice to retire or spend extended periods here.

This website offers information about the programme and the country. For those who still have questions, take advantage of our free Help Desk. If you eventually decide to apply for a visa we are an approved agent and can assist you.

We look forward to seeing you here.

CEO, The Expat Group
Andy Davison

About the Malaysia My Second Home Programme

The Malaysia My Second Home Programme offers non Malaysians a ten year renewable visa and various other privileges which are explained in this website. So far over 30,000 people have been approved and it is generating a lot of interest. The programme is primarily attracting people who wish to retire in Malaysia or spend extended periods here.

This website details the reasons people tell us they enjoy living in Malaysia which includes the low cost of living, developed infrastructure, friendly Malaysians, attractive tourist destinations and general quality of life. For those with children there are some excellent international schools.

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MM2H News Updates

Commissioner For Oaths Not Allowed to Certify Documents

Effective 3 August 2015, the MM2H Centre will no longer accept certification by Commissioners for Oaths, where certified true copies of documents are requested.


Minimum Property Price for Foreigners in Selangor Raised to RM2 million

As of 1st September 2014, the Selangor Land Office changed the minimum purchase price regulations for foreigners to RM2million.


The Expat Group's CEO Interviewed on Malaysia.my

The Expat Group's Founder and CEO, Andy Davison, was recently interviewed on the Business section of Malaysia.my.


Foreigners to Be Charged Processing Fee When Buying Properties in Johor

Beginning 2014, foreigners buying property in Johor will be charged a processing fee based on value of property purchased.


Higher Tax Rates for Foreigners who Own Property in Johor

Johor will soon impose a higher tax rate for about 130,000 foreigners who own property in the state. The exact amount is still under discussion, but the new rates will be imposed by the end of 2013.


Changes in Time Frame for MM2H Approval

We've just received news that there is a slight change in the time frame for MM2H approvals.

With immediate effect, the processing and approval process for MM2H visas will take 90 working days, from the submission date of completed application documets.

This is in view of the time taken for financial verification.


Important Notice for MM2H Agents

We've received word from the Malaysia My Second Home Agents Association (MM2HAA) that their computer systems at Presint 2 and Presint 5 for MM2H visa endorsement went down early this month.

All agents and clients should take note that the system will be down until further notice so it is important for agents to advise their clients to not enter Malaysia without a calling visa.

The Director of the MM2H centre has sent out a statement stating that all approved cases from Commonwealth countries can endorse their MM2H visa. However, clients who are not from Commonwealth countries will need a valid MM2H calling visa prior to their entry into Malaysia. Only then will they be able to have their passports endorsed with their MM2H visa.

In the meantime, clients who are here for visa endorsement without a valid calling visa are advised to return to their home country until the system is in operation again.

Agents who need further clarification can contact 012 382 1238. Clients are advised to check with their agents if they have not been advised on the above matter.


Changes to MM2H Guidelines

Anyone applying to the MM2H programme should be aware of a change that was made in December 2011 in regard to the letter of good conduct that is a vital part of the application process. This document, also known as a police clearance certificate, must be in English, and if the original is not in English it must be translated by an official translator. This was always a requirement, but now the guidelines have gone one step further and are insisting that the letter of good conduct, once in English, has to be certified before being submitted.

If the applicant is residing in Malaysia, the letter can be certified at the applicant’s own embassy, i.e. for an Iranian applicant living in Malaysia, certification can be obtained at the Iranian embassy in Malaysia. If the applicant is residing outside Malaysia, the letter can be certified at the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country of residence. The certification must be obtained before the application is submitted. We advise any applicants to apply for this letter and the certification as early as possible as it could take a while to obtain.


Important News for MM2H Applicants with Dependent Children

For applicants who have a dependent approaching the age of 21, we advise you to apply for the MM2H visa with your dependent a year before he/she turns 21. Applicants with a dependent near the age of 21 are formally required to apply at least 6 months before the dependent’s 21st birthday, and by applying a year in advance you ensure that if the application has a problem for whatever reason, you still have time to resubmit.

Please also take note that upon receiving the ‘Conditional Approval’ letter, the dependent must obtain the MM2H visa endorsement before he or she reaches the age of 21. If you fail to get the visa endorsement in time, the dependent will need to comply to the RM 300,000 fixed deposit to stay in Malaysia under the MM2H Programme.


Non-Issuance of MM2H I-Kad (ID CARDS)

We have been advised that the issuance of MM2H ID cards, called "I-Kad", has been suspended by the immigration department, due to some technical problems. We will update this website once they started issuing them again.