About the Malaysia My Second Home Programme

The Malaysia My Second Home Programme offers non Malaysians a ten year renewable visa and various other MM2H privileges which are explained in this website. So far over 30,000 people have been approved and it is generating a lot of interest. The programme is primarily attracting people who wish to retire in Malaysia or spend extended periods here.

Applicants are allowed to bring along their dependants (children below 21 years of age, step children, disabled children, and parents, over 60) under their MM2H visa. Older dependent children will have to get a separate visa.

This website details the reasons that people enjoy living in Malaysia which includes the low cost of living, developed infrastructure, friendly Malaysians, attractive tourist destinations and general quality of life. For those with children there are some excellent international schools.

We endeavour to provide impartial and reliable advice to anyone interested in the programme. There is no charge for using our online Help Desk in this website. In some cases we are paid commissions by the suppliers we recommend but we select them based on their reputation and reliability and will remove any supplier who is the subject of valid complaints. In all cases we insist that their charges are in line with the market and in many cases they offer better value.

People interested in applying for the MM2H programme have the option of applying directly or through an agent. Doing it yourself is usually a lot more time consuming and requires you making your own transportation arrangements. You also have to place a small cash security bond. Using an agent has the advantage that most of them are familiar with the detailed terms and conditions, can provide you with transportation to complete all the formalities and they will act as your sponsor so there is no need for the security bond. Approved agents must have the letters ‘MM2H’ in the company name.

We are an approved MM2H agent and can assist. You do not have to come to Malaysia to make the application for a MM2H visa. We can help you prepare the application, submit it on your behalf and track progress. This includes handling any questions raised by the government. Once it is approved, you will receive a letter of conditional approval. This sets out any remaining conditions to be fulfilled. We help you comply with these and then drive you out to the immigration offices to have the visa stamped in your passport. We will also help with any other questions or problems you may have.

We welcome feedback from visitors to this site, and we hope that you find it useful. You may register for our MM2H E-newsletter by clicking the “E-newsletter” button at the top of the page. This periodic Newsletter provides updates about the programme and relevant news about Malaysia, which we think may be of interest to you.

About Us

Borneo Vision (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is an official agent for the Malaysia My Second Home Programme. We are part of TEG Media which publishes magazines and guidebooks, owns various information websites and organises events. You can find out more at www.TEGMedia.my.

Our monthly magazine The Expat is the most widely read magazine by English speaking expatriates residing in Malaysia. It is a full colour, monthly publication sent free of charge to expats living in Malaysia and is aimed at helping them understand more about the country and enjoy their time here. Many people living here with an MM2H visa subscribe to it. You can subscribe or read it online at https://www.tegmedia.my/products-services/the-expat/.

If you have any questions about MM2H or would like us to be your agent, please contact us through our free help desk.