Modern Retirement Community Coming Soon to Malaysia

This article was brought you in part by ShantiNiketan Malaysia

ShantiNiketan Inc (Orlando, Florida, USA) is a 10-year-old retirement community (for residents ages 55 years and above) , based on the philosophy that as one ages, they would prefer to be around like-minded people whom they can relate to, whether they are relatives, friends, or people with whom they share something in common, which can be anything from the arts and science to food and health. It inspires senior citizens into living a dignified way of retired life, while doing things they could not do while building a career and raising a family.


ShantiNiketan in Orlando, Florida.

ShantiNiketan differs from other conventional ‘retirement living’ concepts in the sense that it currently caters to Active Adult communities. The residents in these communities are fully capable of taking care of themselves and need no assistance at all.

The concept of a retirement community is not new. There are numerous retirement communities all over the world.  ShantiNiketan was started with the charter to provide a resort-like community where one could live their retirement years in peace devoid of the mundane daily chores, typically cooking, housekeeping, and maintenance.


About  ShantiNiketan Development Sdn Bhd

Malaysians who have visited  ShantiNiketan In Orlando quickly realized that this is what we need in Malaysia. Iggy Ignatius , the Founder and Chairman of the company, being a frequent visitor to Malaysia, has been talking to various Malaysian groups to gauge the receptiveness of this retirement community concept. It has been a unanimous YES from the very onset.

Therefore, the Malaysian company, ShantiNiketan Development Sdn Bhd, was formed in 2015 to develop ShantiNiketan retirement resorts in Malaysia. This Malaysian company has entered into a Joint Venture agreement with ShantiNiketan Inc (USA) to develop and operate the communities in Malaysia.

The complex will be on 3.5 acres of land with paved driveways and walking paths. The total area will be fully-fenced and installed with electronic security gate system. There will be 150 condos at about  1,200 square feet, housed in 6 stories of 3 wings. There will be a 10,000 square feet Clubhouse with dining area, kitchen,  games, and recreation rooms located on the ground floor of one of the wings.  One shaded car park per condo will be provided.

ShantiNiketan is currently planning to develop this retirement community in Kota Seriemas, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.


Why Choose ShantiNiketan?

You might wonder, why would one choose this sort of retirement living? There are numerous reasons why ShantiNiketan is different, and ways in which they can foster a better life for a senior citizen.



A matured form of life begins after 55 . Each one of us have our own ways of finding peace and happiness- socialising, reading, strolling, gardening, games, and art. In  ShantiNiketan, there is truly something for everyone.

To be healthy is a conscious choice, and lifestyle plays a vital role in ensuring good health. Leading a progressive lifestyle will keep sickness at bay and encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Shantiniketan offers a number of fitness and recreational facilities tailored to senior citizens.

ShantiNiketan Malaysia will have a swimming pool, walking trails, and facilities for yoga and meditation. There is a golf course in Kota Seriemas development, where ShantiNiketan is part of and the residents will have access to the golf course. Garden plots will be provided for gardening enthusiasts.



A common concern of older people’s mental health is the lack of social stimulation. When one retires, their social circle can often be limited to close friends and family members, and they miss the day-to-day social interaction that they received in the workforce. This is a great reason why  ShantiNiketan is marvelous for retired people as you will find all kinds of people in the community to converse with, share thoughts, partake in activities , friends to share moments of laughter, and eventually becoming part of a larger family.



ShantiNiketan is the destination for food-lovers and health-conscious alike. With the huge varieties of Malaysian food around, one will be simply spoiled for choice when it comes to consuming healthy food at ShantiNiketan. Nutritious and tasty vegetarian food will be your everyday meal, prepared hygienically by experienced cooks in a sparkling clean kitchen and priced economically.


Benefit for MM2H Visa Holders

For MM2H Visa Holders, there’s a special scheme where you can purchase property at ShantiNiketan.

MM2H stipulates that if a MM2H visa holder wants to buy a  property it has to be a minimum of RM 2 Million in Selangor and RM 1 Million in other states. It does not give any minimum for lease properties.

All MM2H visa holders who are desirous of living in the retirement resort being built in Kota Seriemas can invest in this company. Each share will be RM 500,000 and will entitle the shareholder to get one unit on lease basis for a nominal minimum rent. The shareholder will also be made a Director in this company if they wish to.

When the shareholder, at a later date, decides to sell their condo, either they or the company can sell their condo in the open market and buy back the share of the condo owner. If the new buyer is also a MM2H holder, then only the share has to be transferred. Thus the property appreciation will be beneficial to the condo owner/shareholder.

Since MM2H visa holders will not be holding a Title to the property, it will not be objectionable to the MM2H authorities.

For more information, please call Jaline Wellington at +6012 382 3706 or Latha Rajni Pillai at +6016 016 0796.